Hi Laura,

very, very nice photos from Iceland!!!!!


Great Photos!

Hey Laura - just had a look at your Recent Adventures photos - they're fantastic! I love them all. xxx


Luke sent the link, great pics mate. Awesome

Mull and Birds.

Hi Laura.

Just thought I would tell you how much I love your work !,
I am jealous of your White-Tailed Sea Eagle pics !!.
I spent a few days on Mull and never got around to doing the boat trip.
Keep up the good work !!,
Stuart Grimwood


Hi Laura, I am seriously impressed with your website. I would love to have something like that for my photos.
All your photos are great but I particularly like the people photos. That's just the sort of photo that I like. You must have a charm to get people to pose for you - sometimes it can be very difficult.

Take care


John Scholey


Hello Laura

I just had to visit your website after meeting you in Mull and seeing the your high standard of photography. Now you have my email address I hope we can keep in touch.

Much love,

Gretchen. x
Gretchen Mattison

Seriously Great Pictures

The pictures are so good!!!! Website is also really smart. Well done Laura
Cathal Quinlan

garden shed

Your shed photos are really good, I love the chest of drawers and the handles, they are all great, lovely.
justine gordon

Checking out the website

Just wanted to say how fab the website is. I cannot believe you did this all on your own - you are great and multiskilled.

Well done - was it hard to do?

Hope weather is good with you - its fab here but not getting to see much of it !!

Chat soon

Ruth McMaster

laura grimmer photographs

these are absolutely fantastic photographs, wonderful galleries.
justine gordon