New York, the city that never sleeps .....

Hi, I have just returned very tired and exhausted from a week in NY. Although it's not my first time in NY (it's actually about my 9th), I still very much enjoy photographing their iconic buildings and street life.

You need a good pair of comfortable shoes and map to get the best experience out of New York. One day we took a Grey Line tourist bus on a loop around the Downtown area. It enables you to get on and off, which is great when your feet are tired out.

As this wasn't my first trip I had an idea of what I wanted to photograph and the way I did it. I also experimented with a fisheye lens, which gave an interesting perspective on the high-rise buildings that surround you. I love the older buildings and wanted to show then with a nostalgia feeling to them. NY is such a large place and full of diversity. It's extremely hard to capture everything. The 15 shots I have chosen hopefully give you a taste.